All easyJet flights canceled today at UK airports

Ten thousand passengers booked to fly on Thursday easyJet to, from and within the UK had their flights cancelled.

The Independent identified at least 60 flights grounded today, most of them to and from London Gatwick – the airline’s main base.

Britain’s biggest low-cost airline cannot meet the schedule it had planned at Sussex airport and is canceling around 30 daily flights a few days in advance.

But many passengers were warned significantly less, with travelers from Bristol to Lisbon told at 5am that the day’s only flight was grounded. They were told, “This is due to a technical issue with your aircraft that could not be resolved.”

A flight between Edinburgh and Birmingham was canceled just three hours before departure. No reason was given.

Many of the cancellations on Thursday are for long-haul destinations and places with few alternative services. From Gatwick, they include Sicily’s two main airports, Catania and Palermo; Olbia in Sardinia; Bodrum in Turkey; and Marrakech in Morocco.

Based on a typical aircraft capacity of 180 and the “load factor” (ratio of occupied seats) in the last comparable month of June in 2019, The Independent calculates an average of 167 passengers on each flight – representing more than 10,000 travelers.

All passengers on the ground are entitled to fly to their destination on the same day, if a flight is available – including on alternative airlines.

If a same day replacement is not available, easyJet must provide a hotel room and meals as appropriate.

In addition, compensation of £220 (or £350 for flights over 1,500 km) is paid to each passenger, unless the airline can demonstrate that “extraordinary circumstances” were responsible.

A handful of flights to and from Paris Charles de Gaulle – serving Gatwick, Bristol and Luton – have been suspended “due to industrial action with the Paris Charles De Gaulle Fire Department tomorrow”.

Passengers booked on these flights are not entitled to compensation.

If all travelers entitled to claim sought compensation, the bill for today’s flights would be in excess of £2 million.

British Airways is canceling an average of 120 flights during the week – the vast majority of them several weeks in advance.

EasyJet cancellations from Gatwick

  • Alicante
  • bodrum
  • catania
  • Faro
  • Krakow
  • Limoges
  • Lisbon
  • Malta
  • marrakech
  • marseille
  • Milan Malpensa
  • Montpellier
  • Munich
  • olbia
  • Palermo
  • Paris CDG
  • Prague
  • Santiago
  • seville
  • verona
  • zurich

EasyJet Bristol Cancellations

  • Belfast International
  • inverness
  • Lisbon
  • Madrid
  • Naples
  • Paris CDG

EasyJet cancellations from Luton

  • Belfast International
  • Paris CDG

EasyJet Edinburgh cancellations

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