All revealed at the Day Of The Devs Showcase

The latest edition of Day of the Devs took place today, featuring some weird, wild and certainly wonderful indie games that are on the horizon. Before we break down all the reveals and trailers, if you want to check out the whole showcase – which I recommend doing if you care a lot about indie games – you can do so here (starts at 2:23:13).

Double Fine and iam8bit put together another great show to mark the 10th anniversary of Day of the Devs. Here are all the games, trailers and gameplay footage they revealed:

The time flies

You play as a fly whose lifespan lines up with whatever it is for humans wherever you live in the world. If the life expectancy in your country is 80 years, the fly will stay alive for 80 seconds. This is a fun, albeit thought-provoking trick. The objective is to mark items on the fly’s wish list. The time flies is coming to PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac next year.

Lana’s Planet

It’s not the first time this game has been revealed, but it’s a new take on gameplay. It’s a sci-fi puzzle adventure with echoes of Inside and little nightmares but a vibe that reminds me a little The Last Guardian. It looks beautiful. Coming to Xbox and PC this year.

Choo Chou Charles

I’m really excited for this one. It is a survival horror game from a solo developer in which you have to fight a monstrous train with spider legs. You’ll have to fend off the creature, called Charles, to prevent it from eating you. The objective is to complete missions to upgrade your own train and ultimately defeat the monster. It’s coming to PC this year.

Escape Academy

It’s a first-person puzzle game that looks quite intriguing. You are a student at a school looking to teach you the ways to solve puzzles so you can beat various escape rooms. This is from a team that designed real-life escape rooms. It’s coming to Xbox (including Game Pass), PlayStation, and PC on July 14th.

a little to the left

Described as a “cozy puzzle game”, a little to the left has a charming art style. The goal is to organize household items, but the puzzles are said to get more and more surreal. There’s also a cat that can ruin your day (or progress). You’ll find that on PC and Switch later this year.

Bear and breakfast

A bear runs an inn in the woods? This one! It is painted as a laid-back management simulator and adventure game. It looks very cute. Bear and breakfast is coming to PC and Switch on July 28.

Animal Well

A pixel art game full of secrets. You will go through a labyrinth and encounter many creatures. You will gain more skills as you progress and each item has multiple uses. Developer Billy Basso says he’s taking advantage of modern screens to offer interesting effects for things like running water. It’s coming to PlayStation 5 and Steam.


the next is Naiad, one colorful exploration game set in a river. You play as a water nymph. It looks adorable and it’s coming to PC and consoles this year.

Pacha roots

This is a farming simulator set in the stone age. He wears his Full moon and Stardew Valley influences a lot on your sleeve, but it looks like a different dish from the same delicious restaurant. It will be released on PC later this year, and there’s a demo now.

From this: The Memories Between

A newly announced game from Ustwo, the studio behind Monument Valley. This is a “turn-based strategy exploration through dreams and regrets”. It looks intriguing. It looks good too. Launch pads were not revealed.


This is an impressive platform game in which you play a creature that jumps through the shadows. The goal is to find the human you belong to and help other shadows (or schims) find their owners as well. It’s coming to consoles and PC.

Fox and Frog Travelers

Travelers Foxes and Frogs: The Devil of Adashino Island, to give the full name, you play as a fox traveling with a frog. Who could imagine? I like the art style, although this one won’t be around for a few more years.

Good bye world

A very meta-sounding game about indie game developers. It’s a narrative adventure title that is expected to come to PC this year.


A point-and-click puzzle game in which you’ll try to combat your loneliness by building a creature out of spare bones and organs you find. It looks more charming than the baseline description sounds like. Birth should be out on PC this fall.

how to say goodbye

A narrative puzzle game about ghosts coming to terms with their deaths. You will need to rearrange the levels to solve the puzzles. This one is coming to PC and mobile devices in 2022.

Little Nemo and the Guardians of Sleeping Land

This is a beautiful metroidvania where you can jump on a pogo stick. The developers hope to release it in late 2023 on Switch and PC. A Kickstarter project is live now.

Annapurna Interactive Show

The latest reveal was for a showcase for publisher Annapurna Interactive. Find more details here:

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