Ambitious Half-Life 2 mod puts players in the boots of a combined soldier

In the next two years, half life 2 officially twenty years old. For some, this is a mind-blowing thought, especially as the game has aged so well and many are still hopeful of a new installment. Unfortunately, with the cancellation of Arkane Studios Ravenholm spin-off, hopes for a continuation of the influential franchise are waning. Still, the mod community is very active, and there’s one coming out soon that tells the story of City 17 from a different perspective.


As noted by PCGamer, a new mod called “Entropy: Zero 2” is due out next month. As the title suggests, this custom add-on, created by a team of independent developers, is actually a sequel to “Entropy: Zero”, released in 2017. Both mods task the player with taking on the role of a Combine soldier within half life 2 and present a whole new story. Playing as Bad Cop, fans will have the ability to not only command their own army of synths and soldiers, but a recent trailer shows they’ll also have a sidekick in the guise of one of Portalcorrupt towers of .

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Overall, it looks like it’s going to be an interesting mod, bringing the two worlds of City 17 and Aperture Science together in some way. There are so many interesting mods out there for half life 2, many of whom have been making themselves known very recently. For example, there is one that will explore the abandoned mining town of Ravenholm in more detail. Another simply flips the vanilla game day/night skies to give a chilling, almost silent Hill-esque vibe for some of the levels. Given that half life 3 unlikely to happen, it looks like the mod community is on a case to at least keep the franchise alive.

Valve’s third installment in their sci-fi shooter series is easily one of the three most-anticipated sequels in gaming history. Sure, there was 2020 alyx, which went down well with fans, but many would love to see Gordon Freeman return. Given that Half Life 2: Episode 2 was released in 2007, it’s been fifteen years since that fateful cliffhanger.

As one of the best FPS games in history according to Metacritic, half life 2 not only is it a successful sequel to its 1998 predecessor, but some would say it surpassed it. It’s not surprising that many want to see a full third entry in the series, but at the same time, it’s also not surprising that so many mods are still being made for the game.

half life 2 he was released in 2004 and is available for mobile, PC, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360.

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Source: PCGamer, ModDB

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