Big Tomb Raider Leak Gains More Credibility

Big Tomb Raider Leak Gains More Credibility

Big Tomb Raider Leak Gains More Credibility

If the 2013 point tomb Raider reboot was to portray a younger and less experienced Lara Croft, from 2018 Shadow of the Tomb Raider completed her evolution into a hardened adventurer. And while the trilogy finale ended the three-game story, it deliberately left the door open for future adventures. So the big question was when and how tomb Raider can return.

Although it has been a few months since Crystal Dynamics confirmed that it is working on a new tomb Raider game on Unreal Engine 5, the studio is tight-lipped about the entire project. However, that didn’t stop the game’s script from leaking online. Ironically, Crystal Dynamics’ possible attempt to plug the leak may have confirmed its authenticity.


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Recently, an apparent insider leaked the script for the next tomb Raider game for the hosts of the PlayStation-focused Holy Symbols Podcast. The podcast’s Patreon supporters were then treated to an exclusive read by co-hosts Chris “Ray Gun” Maldonado and Dustin Furman. However, it appears that Crystal Dynamics was not thrilled with this performance and served Patreon with a DMCA takedown notice. And as irritating as this might be for Sacred Symbols and its fans, this formal disclaimer seems to confirm the script’s authenticity.

Sacred Symbols discussed the situation in a “bonus episode” yesterday, August 2nd. According to presenter Colin Moriarty, he had been sitting on the script for some time while figuring out the best way to use it. Moriarty eventually decided that a dramatic reading would be transformative enough to avoid copyright claims. Unfortunately, it seems the tomb Raider studio still had problems with reading Sacred Symbols. As a result, Crystal Dynamics sent Patreon a DMCA takedown notice the same day the episode aired, forcing Patreon to take it down or face legal liability.

Moriarty, for his part, appears to be taking the situation calmly, explaining that he was not angry with either company. He confirmed that the podcast would comply with the DMCA takedown notice, explaining that he didn’t want to antagonize Crystal Dynamics unnecessarily. However, Moriarty still believes he didn’t violate any copyright laws by sharing the script the way he did.

The leak revealed some unknown details about the upcoming tomb Raider game, which is codenamed “Project Jawbreaker”. This includes that the new game will feature an older, more experienced Lara, supported by a team of fellow adventurers. The leak also revealed that the new tomb Raider takes place “in a modern world shaken by a mysterious cataclysm”, though it remains to be seen whether the new game will pick up where the reboot trilogy left off.

tomb Raider is under development.

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