Cow Farts and Burps to Be Taxed for Climate Change

In an apparent clandestine effort to tax meat, the burps and farts of cattle and sheep will be taxed by the leftist New Zealand government in an attempt, they say, to save the world.

The leftist Labor government of Jacinda Ardern has drawn up proposals to levy taxes on farmers for the methane emissions produced by cows and sheep in what would be the world’s first green tax on livestock.

“There is no doubt that we need to reduce the amount of methane we are putting into the atmosphere, and an effective emissions pricing system for agriculture will play a key role in how we achieve this,” said the government’s climate change minister, James Shaw. , per the telegraph.

New Zealand, home to 5 million people, is a net exporter of meat, with approximately 10 million cows and 26 million sheep grazing its pastures.

As a result, about half of the country’s emissions come from agriculture, mostly from methane produced by belching or flatulence from cows and sheep. Previously, agriculture was exempt from the government’s carbon emissions trading schemes.

However, despite its large livestock population, the Pacific Ocean island nation ranks only 74th globally in terms of carbon emissions, accounting for just 0.09% of world emissions, meaning such a tax would likely have negligible impacts. in the supposedly man-made climate. change.

However, the tax will likely serve to increase the cost of lamb and beef in New Zealand and the countries to which the meat is exported, with farmers likely to pass the additional expense on to consumers.

The draft proposal, which would enter into force by the year 2025, should be finalized in December.

The socialist government shift comes amid a broader effort by globalist governments and institutions to wean people away from the flesh. The UK, under Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has also discussed levying border taxes on meat and dairy to, they say, combat climate change.

Institutions like the World Economic Forum, which has long championed insect consumption, recently called for widespread adoption of veganism and the eating of “climate-friendly foods” such as seaweed and kelp.

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