‘Critical weeks’ ahead to work on DK Metcalf extension

DK Metcalf missed the three days of the Seattle Seahawks’ mandatory minicamp, which ended on Thursday.

As Metcalf seeks a contract extension with the Seahawks, head coach Pete Carroll said he is in contact with the standout wide receiver as they enter a “crucial” time to try to close a deal ahead of training camp in July.

“There were conversations. A few. We’re in a beautiful environment, half standard, half silent. [time] now, knowing that camp is coming,” Carroll said on Thursday. “These are crucial weeks to get something done. Let’s see what happens, and hopefully we can work something out. We really intended to do that.”

Carroll expressed his desire for the duration of the offseason to lock up Metcalf, who about a month ago described himself as “all smiles” in his optimism that he and the team would “do something”.

That clearly didn’t happen, as there was a very noticeable absence of a 6-foot-4, 235-pounder from the Seahawks’ minicamp.

“It’s a decision he had to make,” Carroll said. “We miss him. He’s done a good job contributing, being a part of everything we’ve done and he’s just not here. I can’t say much for what he hasn’t done here. We’d love to have him with us.”

Metcalf is subject to a fine for his absence, but Carroll responded “we don’t talk about it” when asked if he would be charged.

It’s been a busy offseason for Metcalf. He saw quarterback Russell Wilson traded to the Denver Broncos and linebacker Bobby Wagner released and signed to rival Los Angeles Rams. He was also in cleats for much of the offseason due to a foot injury. And, of course, there were the persistent contract negotiations.

Carroll had previously praised Metcalf’s handling of the contract situation, but was surprised by his receiver’s absence this week.

“I was hoping he could get in, because he was still in the rehab stage, he wouldn’t be able to do all the work,” Carroll said. “Had he been here, it would have been good for us. Unfortunately, he wasn’t here.”

It’s clear that Carroll expected Metcalf’s contract to be settled by this point, but he’s hardly lost faith that it will be.

“I’m no less optimistic,” Carroll said. “We’ve been going through this for years. We know it’s a challenging time. We’ve had so many high-profile guys that have gone through this process. How did that work for us? We figured it out in time.”

“He’s a remarkable person, he’s a wonderful player. He has a lot to offer the world, I just don’t want him to miss this opportunity where we haven’t figured it out. So we’ll do everything we can.”

Running back Chris Carson was also absent from the minicamp, but under very different circumstances.

Carson has not played since week 4 of last season due to a neck injury.

“There’s a big assessment to be done about two weeks from now from the doctors, the surgeon and everything else,” Carroll said. “They’ll get together again and see where it is and leave us now.”

Until then, Carroll holds out hope for a good prognosis, which has been hard to come by for Carson.

“Just keep a good hope because he’s worked really hard and he really wants to come back and all that,” Carroll said, “but I can’t say anything for sure right now at this point.”

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