Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle: How to solve the puzzle with the broken relic

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course takes players to Inkwell Isle IV, a brand new little world filled with its own unique bosses. Inkwell Isle IV also contains a mysterious puzzle that players can solve. While it’s an optional objective, it’s certainly worth finding out because of what happens after you solve it. If the mystery behind Broken Relic, Climbing Contest and the graveyard is making you stumble, we’ve put together a guide that explains the logic for solving the Cuphead graveyard puzzle. Let’s dive.

Buy the broken relic

Cuphead DLC Broken Relic
Cuphead DLC Broken Relic

First, you need to buy Broken Relic from Porkrind’s Emporium (the shop). You can buy it right at the beginning of the DLC, before fighting any bosses. It only costs one coin. Don’t worry about equipping it, as the Broken Relic spell does nothing in battle.

Talk to the climbers

Cuphead Climbing Contest DLC
Cuphead Climbing Contest DLC

There is a podium next to the store. If you talk to one of them, they will tell you about the climbing contest. All three competitors will let you know how they fared in the race. I recommend taking screenshots of each dialog bubble. I used my smartphone to take pictures. You will need to reference these descriptions later.

How to solve the graveyard puzzle

Graveyard Puzzle DLC Cuphead
Graveyard Puzzle DLC Cuphead

You cannot reach the graveyard until you defeat Glumstone the Giant and Mortimer Freeze. In the next section of Inkwell Isle IV, you’ll see a cemetery with nine headstones. Feel free to talk to the NPC to the right of the graveyard. It simply gives you a hint as to what you need to solve the puzzle, which is the Broken Relic and the climbers’ dialogue.

The climbers were giving hints in the form of a riddle. Unfortunately, you may not have the same clues or solutions as we did. In fact, the two of us here at GameSpot who played the DLC before its release had totally different clues and solutions. You have to press the action button in front of a tombstone for a ghost to appear. The central headstone isn’t part of the puzzle, so you’re left with eight possible options. You have to summon the ghosts not just in the right places, but in the right order.

The logic for solving the puzzle is the same no matter what clues you have. Pay attention to the instructions mentioned in your abstracts.

For example, here are the clues and the solution to the riddles in one of our playthroughs:

  • 1st place: There’s no way the others can catch me! I let them in the dust!
  • 2nd place: I left downcity ​​in a hurry, and I forgot my gear. I’ll settle for the second.
  • 3rd place: Worse than last year! Low for third place.


  • 1st place: Middle row, left marker
  • 2nd place: Bottom row, left marker
  • 3rd place: Bottom row, middle marker


  • 1st place: You start in the middle, and the only direction mentioned is left. So you stand on the center line and choose the left headstone.
  • 2nd place: We are working on the left side again, but this time we also have to go down. So the bottom left corner is where we want to be.
  • 3rd place: The only clue we get here is the bottom one, which means we can stand in the middle and pick the center headstone in the bottom row.

What’s next?

After correctly inserting the solution, a glowing aura will funnel from the central headstone. You will be asked if you want to take a nap, which starts a new challenge.

You can only win this challenge once. It’s not repeatable. That said, die-hard Cuphead fans should complete it. When you are victorious, the Broken Relic will no longer be broken.

Go ahead and equip the activated relic – now called the Cursed Relic – and try to fight some bosses. For those who want Cuphead to be more challenging, Cursed Relic helps with that.

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