Destiny 2’s Banshee Has Three God Rolls You Must Get

While Xur might be the Santa Claus of Destiny 2 with his arrival every Friday, Banshee, now that he’s started selling legendary items, might occasionally have some good stuff too. And this week? It has more must-haves than most.

There are actually three world drop weapons that Banshee has this week, none of which can be crafted, which I would suggest picking up, though they depend on your playstyle and preferences. Destiny 2’s world drops are close to the hardest thing to farm for scrolls in the game right now, so when you see a good one, you should grab it.

Here are the three to pick up this week before they leave on Tuesday. Each costs 30 Legendary Shards and 7,000 Glimpses, it’s worth it.

Perseus-D (Stasis Scout Rifle): Stats for All/Explosive Rounds

A great, hard-hitting stasis scout, it’s even better with explosive rounds and will get much faster with one of my new favorite perks, Stats for All, which boosts your stats when you hit three targets. Very easy to activate. Also, I really like the Hakke origin trait, which means these explosive rounds are doing more damage to vehicles, turrets, and even things like Stasis crystals.

Krait (Stasis Auto Rifle): Subsistence/One For All

This is what I actually already did Masterwork, so yes, I recommend picking up this roll. Krait is one of the best feeling auto rifles in the game, introduced with The Witch Queen, but since you can’t craft it, getting a great roll can be difficult. Subsistence is amazing on auto rifles and the One for All is much easier to fire when you have so much ammo. Additionally, Krait benefits from an additional mini-Subsistence, the Veist spawn feature, which offers even more ammo regeneration.

Snorri FR5 (Void Fusion Rifle): Firmly Planted Reserves/High Impact

Even with slightly nerfed Fusion Rifles, it’s still an amazing PvP roll. Firmly planted paired with the Particle Repeater will give you all kinds of stability, the most important stat of the Fusion Rifle. So High Impact Reserves means that those two rounds you get in Crucible are doing more damage than they would otherwise. The only problem here is that there’s no stability masterpiece and the Omolon origin trait over bonuses in the top half of the magazine won’t trigger in Crucible. Anyway, I still bought it.

And those are your choices. The Impulse Amplifier Explosive Light rocket launcher is also pretty good, but you can create this so I don’t know if it would bother me. But these three? Two will do wonders in PvE and one should be a lot of fun in PvP. Appreciate.

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