God of War Ragnarok release date and delay rumors are everywhere

There’s one big central question gamers have in the second half of the year: Will God of War Ragnarok really release in 2022, as currently stated by Sony?

We’ve already seen the delay of the other high-profile exclusive release on the Xbox side, Starfield, which now appears to be coming in Spring 2023 probably, but while God of War hasn’t announced a second delay after it was moved from 2021 to 2022, too. We’ve barely seen anything from him in a long time.

This is compounded by the fact that many conflicting rumors are circulating about a possible release date or further delay, some of which place the game in 2022, others push it to 2023. To recap, we have:

  • Gamereactor reporting their “European sources” saying that God of War Ragnarok has indeed been delayed to 2023.
  • Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier chimed in, saying his own sources say they haven’t heard anything about this delay.
  • A retailer tracker recently showed God of War Ragnarok pushed from a listed September date to a December 31 placeholder. The idea of ​​it being the game has been delayed now that The Last of Us Part I Remake will be released in early September. But it’s still in 2022.
  • Finally, God of War Ragnarok has already been rated in Korea, which would imply a release sooner rather than later.

It’s hard to know what to think. God of War hasn’t been on Sony’s recent PlayStation showcase, and while many expect it to have its own showcase later on, that hasn’t been announced either. An earlier video by Cory Barlog simply asked fans to be patient without showing or revealing anything new.

I’ve been in this industry long enough to know that long silences and lack of new footage often point to a delay. That’s exactly what happened to Starfield to the letter, despite his supreme reliance on a fixed November date since it was announced. God of War doesn’t have a date or month yet.

But in terms of “evidence”, I would say most of it is still does point to God of War Ragnarok coming out this year, though maybe later this year. In reality, however, there’s no harm in delaying it, as there’s no need to be a “system seller” for PS5s, which can’t be kept in stock for more than a few minutes. So if you need some extra time to get that perfect polish to continue the legacy of the last game, you can probably get it. Whether it’s late 2022 or early 2023 remains to be seen.

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