Hilarious Overwatch Clip Shows Ana Flying Better Than Pharah

like many fans of overwatch You know, the franchise contains a lot of lore based on its diverse cast of characters. For example, an intriguing plot is the family dynamics between Ana and her daughter Pharah, two playable heroes in the game. Recently, a player revealed that Ana can fly as high as her daughter, even without Hover Jets, under the right circumstances.

As the first hero added to the roster after launch, Ana has been a popular choice in overwatch for many years. She is a Support class character who provides a significant amount of utility to her team. For example, Ana can heal her teammates through her Biotic Rifle, which allows her to fire healing darts. Additionally, she has a Sleep Dart to stun opponents and a Biotic Grenade to provide additional healing for her team. Recently, a player took Ana’s gameplay to new heights, literally.


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On Reddit, a user known as Mo3Q shared a highlight of a recent game of overwatch. The clip began with the Reddit user playing as Ana during a round in the Garden section of Lijiang Tower, a control map. In the video, the player moved with his team to fight for the goal. However, things took an unexpected turn when the enemy Roadhog managed to trap them. While that looked like the end for Ana’s player, the game had other ideas.

After being pulled by the Roadhog player, Mo3Q suddenly found himself launched into the air, going much higher than the surrounding buildings. While this twist probably came as a surprise to the Reddit user, they managed to make the best of the situation by landing an awesome Sleep Dart on an enemy player. After posting this video on Reddit, Mo3Q joked that “Ana knows how to fly better than her daughter.”

Since Mo3Q posted this hilarious overwatch clip of Ana flying through the air, a large number of players noticed. In fact, the clip managed to gain an impressive 9,100 upvotes in the last week since it was uploaded. Among the comments, many players discussed the mother-daughter relationship between the two characters. Also, others pointed out how amazing it was that Mo3Q was able to land a Sleep Dart while flying high above the battlefield.

It will be interesting to see what kind of moves players will make with Ana in overwatch 2 In the next months. While the game still doesn’t have a release date, Blizzard has noticed that another beta for overwatch 2 is expected sometime in the near future. Until then, it seems likely that players will continue to feature insane highlights in the original. overwatch.

overwatch is now available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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