How to Add a Stop in Apple Maps

  • You can add any number of stops to a car or bike trip in Apple Maps.
  • To add a stop, tap your ETA at the bottom of the Apple Maps screen.
  • When adding a stop, you must select it from a suggestion list – you cannot add a custom address or location.

Navigation apps like Apple Maps are essential to our busy lives. And it’s not uncommon to need directions to multiple locations at once. That’s why Apple Maps lets you add stops to any trip you’re taking by car or bike.

There’s just one problem – you can’t add any location as a stop. Here’s how it works.

How to Add a Stop in Apple Maps

The feature to add multiple stops to a trip is only available when you are given car or bike routes. All other navigation styles allow you to choose just one stop.

Also note that when you add a stop, Apple Maps assumes it’s the next stop you want to go to. There’s no way to rearrange your stops and you can only queue one stop at a time – although these features are being added soon.

1. Open Apple Maps, search for a location and start navigating there by car or bike.

two. When the routes start and an estimated time of arrival appears at the bottom of the screen, tap that ETA.

3. In the menu that opens, tap add a stop.

The option to “Add a stop” in Apple Maps.

Open the “Add a stop” menu.

Litter; William Antonelli/Insider

This is where the catch comes in. You cannot freely choose the new location you want to stop at. Instead, you need to choose one of six categories – Dinner, Gas station, Coffee, Parking, Convenienceand banks — and then choose an option provided to you from a list of nearby suggestions.

Suggestions for adding a stop to an Apple Maps route.

You will see a variety of stops near your current location.

Litter; William Antonelli/Insider

4. Choose the category and location you want to browse to. Your routes and ETA will change to reflect your new stop.

5. When you want to return to your original route, tap the blue banner Resume Route at the top of the screen.

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