Man who attacked Republican Representative Lee Zeldin wielded a cat-shaped gun

  • Lee Zeldin was attacked Thursday during a campaign event in Monroe County.
  • The footage showed Zeldin’s attacker holding an object that looked like a cat’s face with pointy ears.
  • Onlookers were also seen helping to take down the man after he confronted Zeldin on stage.

Representative Lee Zeldin was attacked on Thursday by a man holding what appeared to be a gun resembling a cat’s face, ending in two sharp, pointed ears.

Zeldin, who is running for governor in New York, was campaigning in Monroe County when the incident occurred.

A video posted by WGRZ-TV showed a man in a gray T-shirt and black cap walking up to Zeldin on stage. The man then appears to reach out to Zeldin with a cat-shaped object wrapped around the fingers of his right hand.

Zeldin is then seen pushing the man away before several people pile on top of them in an attempt to tear the two apart. Both Zeldin and the man fell to the ground.

An enlarged still image of the footage posted by a Twitter user also showed the man holding the cat-shaped item as he struggled with the lawmaker.

Another image of the scene posted by the Metropolitan Republican Club showed a clearer view of what appeared to be the item used to attack Zeldin.

The cat-shaped object appears to resemble a widely available type of key chain that can be used for self-defense.

“Someone tried to stab me on stage during tonight’s rally, but luckily I was able to grab his wrist and stop him for a few moments until others approached him,” Zeldin said. tweeted after the attack, adding that he was “ok”.

Zeldin’s campaign said in a statement that police took the man into custody and that Zeldin returned to the stage afterwards to finish his remarks.

“Much more must be done to make New York safe again,” Katie Vincentz, a spokeswoman for the Zeldin campaign, said in the statement.

“Unfortunately, Congressman Zeldin is just the latest New Yorker whose life has been affected by out-of-control crime,” he added.

The Monroe Country Sheriff’s Department, the Rochester Police Department and Zeldin’s representatives did not immediately respond to an Insider’s request for comment.

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