New Horizons fan shares adorable villager gyroscope art

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of lovable characters, with many players clinging to specific villagers they meet as they play. Gyroids have also been a big hit with gamers, and recently a Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan had the brilliant idea to combine them.

Gyroids returned to the Cross between animals series through New Horizons‘ 2.0, which dropped along with the Happy Home Paradise DLC. Living creatures that function as collectibles and are essentially pets for the villagers and player character, each Gyroid has a different design and voice. Gyroids also sing and dance, and players often create entire rooms to display their complete collections of Gyroids. If the Gyroids created by Instagram user donuteatdoodle were real, they would surely be must-haves for any collection.


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Amazing Instagram user art features some of the most popular villagers in Gyroid form. For example, Roald the Penguin has his derpy face translated into Gyroid form, and the essence of the character is completely kept within the popular artwork. Raymond is also featured in this lineup, with the sought after Villager’s different eye colors alongside his glasses. His two arms being positioned at different angles do a lot to make the Gyroid makeover work, with the colorful Stitches Gyroid striking a similar pose.

Other highlights include Marshal the Squirrel, whose rosy red cheeks are present even in his Gyroid form, and a perfect version of Molly the Duck. Flora is also present, with the artist remembering to include the pink Flamingo’s long neck, and both Lily and Diana make the cut. Wooden Coco and food-like Zucker round out the Gyroid collection, and the artist deserves all the praise he’s been getting for his hard work. With 10 villagers chosen for the play, it can be assumed that this is the schedule that Donuteatdoodle has on its own. Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.

With this post being so adorable, it’s no surprise that it also took off on Reddit. StrawberryInu, the user who reposted the art, also made an amusing suggestion for a potential mechanic in the future. Cross between animals games. Typically, players have a chance to take pictures of their villagers after they reach the highest relationship level. However, if that fan got their wish, players would receive Gyroids that look like Villagers once the maximum relationship level is reached.

While it took a lot of work from Nintendo to add this feature to the next Cross between animals, as there are hundreds of villagers who would need special gyroids, many would certainly love to hunt them down. Regardless, this art is fantastic as it provides a fresh look at characters that fans have seen many times.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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