New Pokemon Sinnoh shirts revealed by Original Stitch

With hundreds of individual Pokémon and multiple regions they sprang from, most players probably have at least one favorite. This does pokemon a perfect choice for original customizable shirts made by Original Stitch, and the two companies have been partners for some time doing just that.

Original Point and pokemon originally teamed up in 2019 to produce shirts that gradually expanded to include polo shirts, dress shirts and Hawaiian-style shirts covered in cotton. pokemon graphics. The company started with the Kanto region, but has been regularly expanding into later games’ regions, including Sinnoh.


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Original Stitch initially released a small batch of Sinnoh-based pokemon designs a few months ago, but eager fans might be waiting for the company to announce the next wave. The Diamond Wave is officially launched, adding 25 more Sinnoh Pokémon designs to the catalog, including Dialga, Lucario, Leafeon, Croagunk, Electivire, and more. The company now offers 429 designs for its clothing creations, but it won’t stop expanding anytime soon.

Original Stitch is currently on schedule as it previously announced that Diamond Wave would come out in July. Fans who are disappointed to see that their favorite Pokemon aren’t represented yet will likely need to wait a bit. Original Stitch is planning the next wave that will enter the catalog at the end of October, with even more on the way in January 2023. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released by then, and it’s probably just a matter of time before new Pokemon from this generation join the line-up.

What defines the Original Point pokemon projects besides others pokemon shirts is the large number of customization options. Fans can not only choose from the three basic designs for the shirts, but they can also make them even more unique by adding Pokeball buttons or Pokemon embroidery details, or mixing and matching different Pokemon fabric designs. The company also allows fans to order aprons, bandanas and masks made from the same fabrics.

When it started, many detractors believed pokemon it was a fad that would end like any other. However, it became clear that pokemon is here to stay, and many of the fans who grew up with him have not abandoned him. Like pokemon Jewelry, Expensive Collectibles and Customizable from Original Stitch pokemon the designs show that older fans are still keeping their hearts (and wallets) open for the series as time goes on. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet come out later this year, chances are pokemon the fever will only intensify from now on among young and old.

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