Nintendo Switch Online offers new free trial game for subscribers

Nintendo confirms the next demo of a new game temporarily free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers for this week.

The Nintendo Switch Online subscription service is relatively new compared to its competitors on Xbox and PlayStation, although there are still some perks it offers. Most notable is the number of free games available to NSO subscribers, with the Expansion Pack adding even more of the N64 library if fans pay for the higher tier. A recurring benefit that subscribers also have access to is a free trial of various third-party games. It varies from dead cells, Stardew Valley, the world ends with youand now MLB: The Show 22.


MLB: The Show 22 is a baseball simulation game based on the Major League Baseball franchise and roster. This entry was released in early August on multiple platforms, including rival consoles. Although this game was released on systems like PS4 and Xbox One, MLB: The Show 22 marks the first time the game franchise has been brought to the Nintendo Switch. For fans who are subscribers to the NSO service, this trial offers a limited-time sample of what to expect.

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As with previous Game Trials offered by Nintendo, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can download and experience the full game from MLB: The Show 22 at no additional cost. This trial will be available from July 15th to July 21st, giving these players a full week to try out the Switch version of the game. Players only need the base version of the service to access it.

If players want to buy the full version of MLB: The Show 22 during or after the trial period, the saved data and progress will be kept. This means potential buyers can pick up where they left off after getting the full game. Also, there is a discount offered during this trial period where the game will be 50% off. It should be noted that this discount will end on July 22 at 11:59 pm PST. NSO subscribers will also earn an additional 100 Platinum Points if they participate in this playtest.

These Nintendo Switch online game tests are quite popular where it offers various quality, indie and AAA games. Along with a week’s playtime, it gives fans plenty of time to experience the game. This test should give potential buyers enough time to determine if the Switch port is worth the purchase.

MLB The Show 22 is available on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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