Pokemon fan creates amazing Snorlax suitcase concept

With all the Pokemon-themed merchandise out there, fans are wishing that the concept of a 3D modeler for a Snorlax suitcase becomes a real thing.

each generation of pokemon brings memorable additions to the pocket monster collection, and that will no doubt be the case with the ninth generation starting with pokemon scarlet and Tolet this fall. However, many of the original 151 pocket monsters remain popular to this day, such as the sleepy giant Snorlax. A fan recently illustrated this by sharing his concept for a Snorlax-themed piece of merchandise so good it could easily be an actual product.


It may surprise some to know, but pokemon it currently reigns as the highest-grossing media franchise in the world, beating other popular mega-brands like Hello Kitty and Disney by a considerable margin. While much of this is naturally due to its increasingly popular video games, a large chunk of that money comes from the massive line of toys, apparel, and other licensed parts based on the franchise’s hundreds of Pokémon.

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Given its popularity, naturally there have been a lot of Snorlax-based merchandise released over the years, and Reddit user ekoeoko’s suitcase concept could definitely pass for one. Said concept is a 3D model of a rolling suitcase made to look like the giant Pokémon, with the main suitcase resembling its body and an accompanying smaller case serving as its head, complete with a pair of ears. In a thoughtful touch, a strap on the back of the head can be seen attaching the smaller case to the main suitcase’s telescopic handle, allowing would-be travelers to keep their Snorlax intact during transit.

In short, it’s a remarkable and professional design that manages to exude the cartoonish charm of pokemon maintaining a clean and functional form. It’s also just the latest pokemon ekoeoko’s concept as they have shared several renders in recent times for potential products. These include a Gastly-themed umbrella, Diglett earplugs with a Pokeball-shaped case, and various Pokémon-based headphones, including Venonat and Voltorb.

With over 1,900 upvotes on Reddit, it’s safe to say that eokeoko’s Snorlax suitcase was well received by the pokemon community. Many responses to your post praised the design and the way it embodies the two cases, but most fans expressed in various ways how much they want it to be a real thing. To which ekoeoko responded by stating that they would also like to see their designs become real products someday.

If that happens, and eokoeoko may one day create pokemon merchandise, only time will tell. In the meantime, fans will no doubt have new merchandise to look forward to in the near future, especially as pokemon scarlet and Tolet introduce the next generation of pocket monsters to Nintendo and its licensees to base future products on.

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Source: Reddit

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