Pokemon fan makes awesome Mimikyu rug

The dual-type Ghost/Fairy Pokémon known as Mimikyu is featured on a real-life rug designed and made by a talented player.

With over 900 Pokémon in the series, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of pocket monsters with spooky designs. From the menacing Gengar to the terrifying Mawile, there’s no shortage of scary-looking Pokémon. Recently, a pokemon fan decided to make fan art based on another macabre Pokémon called Mimikyu.

Known as the Disguise Pokémon, Mimikyu is a dual-type ghost/fairy Pokémon. While there are many iconic designs seen throughout the series, Mimikyu has one of the most unique. Introduced in Gen 7, this pocket monster is relatively small and hides under an old rag that looks like Pikachu. Interestingly, one fan found that his design translated well to a real-world object.


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Taking to Reddit, a user known as strife_jpg shared a photo of a fan art they had recently completed based on pokemon Series. According to the Reddit user, they were asked to create a rug with Mimikyu, and the results were impressive, to say the least. In the image, the Pokémon’s full rag was visible, with many aspects of the design replicated in detail. The artist even managed to shade the work, making it look like the left part of it was in shadow.

In addition to showcasing the art on Reddit, strife_jpg revealed some additional details behind the creation of the custom rug. According to the creator, a tufted pistol was used to make the art. Additionally, they noted that they chose to give Mimikyu a brighter yellow coloring than seen in the series to reflect Pikachu’s color. Additionally, they said that they created several more rugs with Pokémon designs and hoped to complete most of the Pokedex.

Since posting this Mimikyu rug on Reddit, several members of the pokemon community gave their opinion on the design. Impressively, the fan art has already racked up over 1,200 upvotes on the platform, with many users praising Mimikyu’s look. One user commented that he liked that strife_jpg decided to give the Pokémon a brighter yellow color to match Pikachu. Additionally, some asked how much the creator charged for the rug which strife_jpg revealed cost $300.

While this Mimikyu rug is impressive, it’s just one of many creations made by Mimikyu. pokemon community in recent months. In fact, others are also making artwork based on the pocket monster. For example, another player did fan art with Mimikyyu earlier this year that saw the Ghost/Fairy-type Pokémon carved in front of two wooden crates. Time will tell what kind of creations starring this Pokémon will appear on the internet next.

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