Pokemon fan makes Charizard Jumbo card

A Pokemon fan shares a jumbo card they made based on the original Charizard released in the series’ TCG core set.

O Pokemon TCG was introduced to gamers shortly after the video games were released. The card game has become a huge hit and has thrived since its release so many years ago. O Pokemon TCG it is still played by a good number of fans and has expanded to include all generations of the series so far.

One of the most popular and well-known cards is the Charizard core set of Pokemon TCG. The piece is incredibly sought after and sold for over $400,000 at auction in mint condition. It’s the prized jewel in any collection, especially if it’s an initial impression.


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A Redditor known as PrismCard showed off their Charizard card in a short clip they uploaded. However, it is not a normal version of the card. The Charizard that the PrismCard shows is jumbo-sized, dwarfing the original. It is a replica of the first edition version and features a beautiful holographic star glow that covers the entire front of the piece. Only one small change has been made, as the Pokémon’s flamethrower now goes over the edge of the artwork. It’s a beautiful replica and would look great in any collection.

PrismCard’s Charizard jumbo received a positive reaction. One commenter asked if there was anywhere to buy your own giant card, stating that it would make a great gift. Another Reddit user mentioned that this could have been a gimmick for the dynamax mechanic that was introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. One commentator joked about playing with a deck of 59 full-sized cards and one jumbo-sized one. Giant pieces like this have been around for a while, and PrismCard’s is a great example of what fans can find.

PrismCard isn’t the only one with an impressive replica of a Pokemon TCG card. A user named clouserpl also shared a 3D file Pokemon TCG Umbreon card they made. According to clouserpl, they made the play by stacking the cards and leaving some spacing between them. The project took around 45 copies of Umbreon, with the artist spending around 18 hours to complete it. The clip the artist uploaded showed the card lights up, with the moon and stars in the background glowing in the video. It was revealed that clouserpl was not limited to just the Pokemon TCGbut also made 3D Dragon sphere and Yu-Gi-Oh letters too. The piece looks amazing, and the artist also takes commissions.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released for the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.

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