Saints Row Releases Boss Factory Demo That Lets Players Customize Their Character Ahead of Time

Rua dos Santos launches on August 23, and expectations for the game among its fans have never been higher. For a franchise that has evolved several times over the course of its installments, Rua dos Santos he never failed to ooze charm, and he proudly carries his vulgar humor. Following an over-the-top Santos Row 4 that had players face off against an intergalactic overlord as the President of the United States, Volition had no choice but to give the franchise a soft reboot – a chance to return to its roots and also take those roots in a new direction.


This reboot is the culmination of Volition’s efforts, and while the initial reception for Rua dos Santosin The announcement trailer was lukewarm, apprehension constantly replaced by genuine emotion as footage from the game was revealed in the following months. One thing that players were most excited about – reasonably, given the franchise’s reputation – was the robustness of the game. Rua dos Santoscharacter creator.

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needless to say, Rua dos Santos players no longer need to wonder about it as Volition has released the Rua dos Santos Boss Factory – allowing them to preview the character creator months before launch. Players can create their own boss on PC (via the Epic Store), Xbox and Playstation and share it with the Rua dos Santos community through stock codes.

In terms of character customization, the game offers the ability to choose facial and body features, clothing and accessories, as well as eight distinct voices to choose from – regardless of the Boss’s body type. In addition to giving gamers a vast palette of colors to work with, those who need a specific shade can create their own custom colors to suit their needs. Also, one important thing to note is that the full game may feature more character creation options than the current ones.

For PC gamers who want to test Rua dos SantosIf you struggle to find it on the Epic Store, the surest way to get the demo is by going to the game’s official website and downloading the Boss Factory from there. For console gamers, the method is even simpler as they can find the Boss Factory directly from the game page or by searching the store.

Given the amount of bizarre Rua dos Santos bosses people made with the franchise’s previous character creators, releasing this demo early was a smart move by Volition. Whether the rest of the game lives up to the hype remains to be seen, but for now, aside from lamenting the lack of a Cockney accent, players are happy.

Rua dos Santos will be released on August 23 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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