Sega Announces Mermaid Pride Month Benefit Stream

To celebrate Pride Month, Sega is hosting a live stream to raise money for Mermaids, a charity to help transgender and gender-diverse children.

even as sega was present throughout the month of June with a lot of press about the next game of its mascot, Sonic Borders, the company decided to celebrate the month in several ways. June is internationally seen as LGBT Pride Month, and to mark the occasion, Sega has announced a charity stream to raise money for the mermaids.

Many players have had issues in the past with companies who intended to help their LGBT customers in June, but then give up and abandon support once the month is over. Sega, however, is known for openly doing everything it can to support its LGBT fans and employees on a regular basis. Sega publicly sponsors Tokyo’s Rainbow Pride Parade in Japan and makes resources for its workers who fall under the LGBT umbrella openly available at all times.


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This year, Sega will be streaming June 21-28 to raise money for the UK-based charity Mermaids. Mermaids specifically focuses on helping trans and gender-diverse children and families, known for having a dedicated helpline, as well as inclusion and diversity training classes to help LGBT allies.

The fact that Sega chose to help a transgender-focused charity could be a decision made given current events. In the UK, transphobic rhetoric is making its way into the media due to controversial actions taken by the BBC, as well as the actions of JK Rowling, author of the book. Harry Potter Series. Outside of the UK, however, the US is also dealing with a number of anti-trans laws that are passing through its legislation. These events may have contributed to why Sega is donating specifically to Mermaids.

Sega has yet to specify exactly what this charity stream will entail. While there’s a strong chance that Sega will primarily focus on streaming its many video game titles, the company has yet to say which games will appear. The only thing currently known are the dates and what will happen on Sega’s Twitch channel once the event starts.

Prior to the broadcast, the specific donation link for Sega’s collaboration with Mermaids is now available for those who wish to go ahead and offer their support to the cause. The target for the fundraiser is £2,000 pounds, which is just under $2,304 after conversion. Fans will need to keep an eye on the stream when it takes place to see if the goal has been met.

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