Skyrim Player Gets Surprisingly Brutal Killcam When Fighting Grelod at the Orphanage

Inside The elder roams Skyrim, there are several groups in which the player can join, work and train, such as the Fighters Guild or the College of Winterhold. One of SkyrimThe darkest options are to join the Dark Brotherhood, a group of assassins.

Joining the Dark Brotherhood isn’t terribly difficult, and it starts with a mission that many players have found themselves eagerly taking on. Taking down Grelod the Kind at the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften is how players can get started.


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Grelod, despite his title, is anything but gentle, as he frequently physically and verbally abuses the children in his care at the orphanage. This leads to one of the orphans escaping and then trying to contact the Night Mother, and through her, the Dark Brotherhood, calling them to take out Grelod. If the player knows the child, they can take over the contract, despite not being members of the Dark Brotherhood. One player marched into the orphanage to do just that, but was surprised at how tremendously brutal his Dragonborn was towards the woman.

Reddit user PoppyMMartin shared a brief gameplay video of his Dragonborn dispatching Grelod. They enter the orphanage just in time to hear Grelod tormenting the children and threatening them with ‘extra’ beatings. The Dragonborn simply walks up to her bare-handed and attacks, which instantly transitions into the game’s killcam function. The Dragonborn hits her with a fist to the side of her head before throwing her to the ground as she is still voicing her threat to the children.

Grelod is an old woman, so as one might expect, she is physically quite frail and can be defeated easily no matter how the player chooses. PoppyMMartin entered the building with every intention of killing Grelod, but since SkyrimKillcam’s killcam triggers may seem random to players, they took them by surprise. The children, however, are unfazed, as they immediately begin to rejoice that the Dark Brotherhood has apparently answered the call and killed her.

Other Skyrim players were quick to chime in, pointing out how horrible Grelod’s treatment of children seems to be. In addition to her actions happening in front of the Dragonborn’s eyes, an adjoining room also contains handcuffs, likely indicating that she punished the children by locking them up. With that in mind, many in the comments were happy to see the cruelly cruel Grelod finally get his comeuppance.

The elder roams Skyrim is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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