Stranger Things star reveals his obsession with World of Warcraft

In an interview with Felicia Day, a great Stranger Things actor reveals his obsession with World of Warcraft and how it “ruined” his life.

world of warcraft is without a doubt one of the most addictive video games to come out of the medium. Although in recent years gambling addiction has been taken seriously, especially by the UK Parliament, in the early days of World of Warcraft one had to play the game as much as possible to get ahead. With new expansions being released every two years to give players new attacks, new classes, races, and another level cap to hit, it can become an all-consuming game. Especially with the massive multiplayer element of world of warcraft often requiring players to be constantly online, the game can take over a person’s life. For one Weird stuff star, this was certainly the case as he looks back on his time with world of warcraft in a recent interview.


David Harbour, known for playing Police Chief Hopper in Weird stuff, was being interviewed alongside his co-star Winona Ryder after the first volume of season 4 aired. About 17 minutes into the conversation, host Felicia Day brings up the fact that she and Harbor were talking about world of warcraft before the actor shudders slightly and smiles, referring to world of warcraft as “the most embarrassing thing in my existence”.

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After Winona Ryder asks what world of warcraft that is, Harbor launches a story about how in 2005, he was “wildly addicted” to world of warcraft, and that “ruined his life” for that year. Despite showing clear embarrassment and regret for his time in world of warcraftHarbor seemed to remember some specific details about his time in the game, such as the fact that he had a Night Elf Warrior named “Norad”.

Harbor tried to explain that Norad was the second tank of his entire guild, essentially implying that his role was vital to the group’s success in raids. While Felicia Day, an avid world of warcraft player, understood every detail Harbor mentioned, Winona Ryder seemed to understand nothing, becoming visibly more confused and worried about Harbor’s addiction as she listened. Interestingly, Harbor claimed that another video game saved him from dedicating his life to Wowfor he says to give his yes character his acting career showed him a reflection of his life as the Yea he only played video games while Harbor tried to make it work in his body and speech.

Ryder commented that an actor playing O yes it’s something that can really “scramble your head”, which Harbor confirmed. “That’s what happened,” he said. “And that’s why my life was ruined.” Of course, the story doesn’t end with Harbor dedicating his life to his world of warcraft guild, as he has enjoyed great success in recent years, starring Weird stuff, Black Widow, and has an interesting role in a new movie called violent night.

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