Super Smash Bros. It exists in the MCU

The first episode of Ms Marvel officially arrives on Disney+, and with it, the revelation that Super Smash Bros. officially exists in the MCU.

There’s a lot about the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is based on and identical to real life. Places, people, and events that took place in the real world are often also present in the MCU, but not always. However, it seems like a beloved real-world video game actually exists in the MCU universe.

The game’s brief reference came in the first episode of the new Disney+ MCU series, lady marvel. A conversation between the characters reveals that Super Smash Bros.. exists in the MCU, and not everyone is a fan of it.


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lady marvel recently released on Disney+, introducing the live-action MCU version of the character to the world. During a conversation at school, titular Ms Marvel makes mention of Super Smash Bros.., wondering if her friend Nakia is interested in playing it. They quickly closed the proposal, declaring that they are not fans of the game. So far, the game hasn’t been featured on the show, but with it just getting started, that could still change.

Viewer comments on the reference to Smash vary widely. Some fans really liked the mention, while others were pleased to hear a character note that they aren’t fans. Super Smash Bros.. is an extremely popular series, but that doesn’t mean everyone loves it after all. Others have pointed out some interesting questions about the MCU’s history so far when compared to the real world.

After the ‘blip’ that led to the disappearance of half of the universe’s population, real world history and the MCUs began to vary a little more from each other. This is seen when Thor is playing Fortnite on PS4 in Avengers: End of the game, as the PS5 had been released years before that in the real world. While the details are never explicitly stated, it is reasonable to believe that technological progress and innovation would have come to a considerable halt. With that in mind, there is no guarantee that the Super Smash Bros. Kamala is referring to is Super Smash Bros. ultimate for Nintendo Switch; it could be an older version, like the one on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Some fans also pointed out that Disney has ties to Nintendo and Super Smash Bros.. now with the inclusion of Sora as Super Smash Bros. ultimatethe last DLC fighter from. While a simple name isn’t a serious attempt at marketing or promoting the game, it also wouldn’t hurt if it resulted in a few more copies being shipped. It will be interesting to see if other video games are mentioned throughout the series; perhaps Kingdom hearts itself will eventually be referenced.

Super Smash Bros. ultimate is now available for the Nintendo Switch. lady marvel is now being shown exclusively on Disney+.

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