Video shows what Resident Evil 4 would look like in Unreal Engine 5

Even in a relatively short space of time, the technology used to create video games has come a long way. With the recent release of Unreal Engine 5, it represents one of the most powerful tools available to a game developer. It is being used to make many AAA titles, including the new Wizard game, but it’s also often used as an experiment to see what older releases would look like in this more modern era, which is what a graphic design studio did with resident Evil 4.


At 17, this classic Capcom entry is the one fans are still talking about to this day, all the more so because the remake was officially announced. However, the game has aged a bit in the visual department, and this is where TeaserPlay comes into the mix. By uploading a video to YouTube recently, the independent studio reinvented what resident Evil 4 it would look like if it were done today using Unreal Engine 5. The result is quite spectacular.

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Although it is presented as a trailer, and very beautiful, it should be noted that this is just a concept and does not mean that any unofficial remakes are being developed. The video itself is presented in an almost wistful manner, with footage of some areas of the game that fans will recognize, while Leon’s narration goes over the top. TeaserPlay is no stranger to this sort of thing either. Recently, they also shared a version of silent Hill as reimagined in Unreal Engine 5, with similar results as it takes a somewhat old but still beloved horror game and brings it to the current generation.

A few days ago, Capcom officially declared that a resident Evil 4 The remake is in development, although the developer seems to be referring to it more as an “awakening” than a “remake”, but this is splitting hairs a bit. Given this, the game has been a very popular topic recently, especially in the horror community. In fact, with the likes of layers of fears and The Callisto Protocol coming out, now seems like a great time to be a fan of scary games.

It’s also not surprising that TeaserPlay made this UE5 concept to resident Evil 4. It is easily considered one of the best resident Evil games ever made, being a significant part of one of the most influential horror franchises in the industry. Fortunately, with the remake on the way, fans won’t have to wait long to see what a modern take RE4 would look like today.

the remake of resident Evil 4 will be released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X on March 24, 2023.

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