Xbox Game Pass will receive curated demos in 2023

Starting in 2023, Xbox Game Pass users can access early demos of upcoming new games as part of their subscription.

Xbox Game Pass continues to be a central focus of Microsoft’s position in the video game industry, already becoming one of the largest video game subscription services less than five years since its launch. The subscription service has undeniably changed the industry by introducing a subscription where fans can experience major new releases such as Infinite Halo and the outer worlds the day of your release. Now, Microsoft has announced another big addition to Game Pass that could change how demos for upcoming games are released. Through an initiative called Project Moorcroft, Xbox Game Pass will receive demos of upcoming games ahead of their launch starting in 2023.


Project Moorcroft’s announcement comes with news that Xbox Cloud Gaming will make its debut on select Samsung TVs starting June 30, and that Xbox Game Pass subscribers will soon be able to play the games they own through Xbox Cloud Gaming. These reveals come just before Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, which is scheduled to air in just a few days on June 12, and will reveal updates and announcements about upcoming PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S games.

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Project Moorcroft is slated to be a program that allows developers to release curated demos of upcoming games that are currently in development to Xbox Game Pass subscribers in order to gather feedback and let players experience their games sooner. Speaking in a video shared by The Verge Senior Editor Tom Warren, Xbox Vice President Sarah Bond compares the demos to those previously released to the public and media at events such as E3 and PAX, claiming this new show replaces the show floor of these events with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Additionally, Bond reveals in this video that games participating in Project Moorcroft will receive financial support from Microsoft for their projects if they release demos through Xbox Game Pass. This could be with the likelihood that games will make it to Xbox Game Pass at launch. This is an important part of the process as many developers have criticized events like E3 for taking time and resources away from full game development to produce curated demos made for parlor play, however Microsoft has hinted that it will take back the cost of it.

While it’s easy to see this as a response to the recent revelation that PlayStation Plus Premium will include timed game trials for previously released titles, Xbox has been building on this since 2020, when it released over 60 demos for upcoming indie games on the Microsoft Store. . It continued that into 2021 and now it looks like it’s becoming a regular part of Xbox Game Pass, which only reinforces the amount of content fans will get as part of their subscription.

Project Moorcroft is scheduled to be launched as part of Xbox Game Pass in 2023.

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