Zenless Zone Zero Gets Combat Trailer at Summer Game Fest

HoYverse has shared a new combat trailer for the upcoming Zenless Zone Zero. Showcasing sword fighting against mechs, hammers and heavy gunners.

Zenless Zone Zero Gets Combat Trailer at Summer Game Fest

The latest trailer for Zenless Zone Zero was shown at Summer Game Fest on Thursday, featuring sword fights against mecha enemies accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack. The action RPG featured a few different characters wielding swords and performing fighting combos in a flashy new trailer. Genshin Impact developer HoYverse seems to be doing everything for this upcoming urbanistic game, which not only features human characters, but also more anthropomorphic-type characters, part of different factions or houses.

It’s not just sword fighters, but heavy weapons and hammer wielders shown in the footage. The contrast to Genshin Impact is quite large as Zenless is set in a more modern urban setting in New Eridu and has a lot of gunslingers and robot-type enemies. What they have in common is their stylish approach to fighting, which still has a focus on hand-to-hand combat.

In case you missed it, ZZZ was announced this May as an action RPG coming to both mobile and PC. This is a new IP following the very successful free to play title Genshin Impact. According to the website, Zenless takes place in a metropolitan city after the events of an apocalyptic disaster caused by Hollows, other dimension portals. These portals seem to allow the passage of terrifying monsters known as Ethereals. Instead of using Visions, the characters have martial arts skills, but they also seem to use some other technology when it comes to skills. The game looks more like the Honkai universe, but more realistic than space-themed.

A new trailer for Honkai Star Rail was also revealed at Summer Game Fest. It looks like HoYaverse has its hands full with upcoming games and the continued release of updates as well as content for Genshin Impact. There has not been a release date released for this showcase, but recruitment is currently underway for the ‘Tuning Test’ or closed beta, which is currently available on the official website.

Zero zone without Zen so far it has had PC and iOS announced for closed beta. If you’re wondering whether to join Genshin Impact, check out our Genshin Impact 2022: Should you play? that spans the open world, group combat, free-to-play model, and more.

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